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What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, MuBucks, and Miami University Buyway purchase orders.


How do I find out about pricing?

Just fill out our online quote form or email with the details of your job and we will reply with a quote.


In what file format should my documents be?

A pdf file is preferred. You can also bring your original file you created. Though we have a vast font selection, there can be font incompatibility. Please refer to our software page for programs we have available.


How may I access my digital files?

We offer access to your files via CD, flash stick, email, internet or your Miami account.


How long does it take to ...?

Make a transparency ... within minutes

Print my class paper (all black and white) ... 5-10 minutes

Print my class paper (with color copies) ... 10-15 minutes

Bind my class paper ... within minutes




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